The 18+ Gaming Afterparty

Rapture Gaming Festival offers an 18+ evening event with great entertainment.

At 19:00 our content will switch to an 18 rated gaming session including our virtual reality zone which will now become exclusively zombie infested zone


Gaming Themed Bar

Rapture Afterlife offers a great bar to grab a few drinks with like minded gamers. Our game themed cocktail list will be available shortly

Mature Gaming Content

Afterlife Afterparty celebrates all the mature content of gaming from GTA to Mortal Kombat

Evening Stage show

Our evening stage show is likely to attract a huge crowd, with a great selection of gaming related entertainment but for now its a secret! keep your eyes on our social media for more details.

Social Gaming

Challenge your friends to a blood filled match of Mortal Kombat or a slightly more friendly Fifa match.

A swift elbow could fly during an intense N64 Mario Kart.

This Afterparty is all about celebrating that fun social competition.

We only think its fair if the loser buys the shots!

Get your Tickets here

We offer two ways to attend our 18+ gaming event! with our exclusive Afterlife tickets or with our Weekend pass!

£10 Rapture|Afterlife (18+) Party Ticket
  • Valid for 1 Adult(16+)
  • Entry for Afterlife party 18+
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£25 Adult Weekend Mutli-pass
  • Valid for 1 Adult(18+)
  • Entry for Saturday
  • Entry for Afterlife party
  • Entry for Sunday
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