Minecraft Zone

Rapture has a huge Minecraft zone offering free-play, competitions, virtual reality and our awesome Minecraft stage. Rapture Gaming Festival's Minecraft zone is a must see!


Rapture Gaming Festival will feature a Minecraft stage with a great selection of guests attending. Our contest prize and competition winners will get a chance at the spotlight! From Minecraft talks to gameplay this stage is entertainment for all ages.

Virtual Reality

We are demonstrating Minecraft VR using the epic HTC Vive system. With virtual reality you no longer play Steve in Minecraft, you ARE Steve!

100 player Minecraft free-play!

The very core of our Minecraft zone are the players. In this area you can take a seat to play any of the great Minecraft game modes or do your own thing in freeplay!

Minecraft Challenges

Play for epic prizes in our Minecraft competition zone! Here you can battle it out in several game modes or simply build the most awesome map! The winners will be invited back at the end of the day to finish the challenge and win great prizes! Our challenges include Maze Runner, Battle mode and Build a house.