A Selection of Tournaments all free to play throughout the day, Please select more details on a tournament for sign up and tournament times.


Overwatch 3V3

Join in our Overwatch 3v3 Tournament

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Counter-Strike:Global Offensive 5v5 Tournament

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Street Fighter V

An open tournament(sun), Cap at 32 players. report to smash zone and register before 11:30am

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Fifa 17(PS4) - King of the Hill

Winner stays on. Continuous knockout

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Rocket League - King of the Hill - 1v1

Winner stays on.

Afterlife Challenges (7PM+)

These challenges are only available on Saturday night at our gaming Afterparty More to be confirmed)

Mortal Kombat (Xbox1)

Mortal Kombat challenge!

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Super Secret Show

We have a secret hitting out stage at 10PM

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (PS4)

Join our CODIW Tournament

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