In every gaming community there are players, and then there are CHAMPIONS! Below you can find different levels of competitions & tournaments throughout the Rapture weekend. Keep an eye on Facebook for more confirmed competitions!

Rapture Gaming Esports

Presenting our highest level of competition at Rapture. Glory, Honour & more to be won. Sign up online before the event.


Esports tournaments found only in our Sanctum BYOC Lan Area.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN & Wii)

Grassroots Esports at it's finest. A traditional fighting game tournament experience. Glory, cash & prizes to be won!

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The Esports Experience

Your gateway to Esports. Free entry to competitive tournaments resembling the real deal. Sign up on the day.

Overwatch (PC) - 3 v 3 Lockout Elimination

The world could always use more heroes. Join our free Overwatch Tournament & compete for some amazing prizes!

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC) - Wingman 2 v 2

Where the big boys play. Can your duo be crowned RGF Champions? Awesome Prizes up for grabs!

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League of Legends (PC)

A LoL Tournament held by Nuel at Rapture Gaming Festival

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Rocket League (PS4) - 2 v 2

The RGF Tournament Experience! Team up with a friend & see if you can win gold!

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Fifa 18 (PS4) - King of the Hill

Winner Stays On! Can you be the last man standing? Join our free FIFA 18 tournament & win some amazing prizes.

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Casual Competitions

Have fun & try your luck with some of these less serious competitions. Sign up on the day.

Rapture Royal Rumble

1 Fighting game. 30 players. 1 Champion.

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Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PC)

Battle Royale games have hit Rapture! Get yourself involved in our Chicken Dinner Tournament.

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Fortnite x Streamers Connected

The biggest game on the planet meets Rapture! Get yourself involved in our High Score Tournaments found in the Streamers Connected Zone.

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General Gaming Competitions

Taking some of your classic games and making a competition out of them all in the name of fun. Prizes to be won!

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Secret Competitions

You never know how you can win a prize… Use your eyes, ears and mouths to find these throughout the weekend.

Afterlife Challenges (6PM+)

These challenges are only available on Saturday night at our gaming Afterparty!

Call of Duty Zombie Challenge!

Who can last the longest? Checkout our COD Zombie Challenge.

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Virtual Reality

High Score Challenges with Virtual Reality Games!

Beer Pong & Drinking Games

Uni students and veteran drinkers, it’s time to step it up!