Exhibitor and Indie Questions

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Below are general details for ALL UK Raptures in 2018

Table size

Tables we provide are roughly 6ft x 2.6ft.

Table Covers

We will NOT provide table covers. We may have some spare, but it is best to bring your own.


We will have security at all venues and overnight so you can leave stock and equiptment out. During the Afterlife after-party the retail sections will be out of use and secured.

Show opening times

Expo Doors open from 11am to 6pm on Saturday

Expo Doors open from 10am to 6pm Sunday (Except for Reading, which is from 9AM to 6PM)


Marketing / Media / Social Media

Feel free to mention you will be at the festival via social media channels and follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Marketing – We recommend bringing Roller banners as they can fit anywhere near the table. Most Indie tables are placed against a wall which you can stick posters too, You can also hand out fliers etc at the event provided they do not counter sponsor brands or Rapture Gaming Festivals.

By being featured at Rapture gaming festival you allow us to use imagery and names on our social media to announce you are attending.

Set up and Take down

If your set up takes a considerable amount of time, please arrive Friday between 10am and 8pm. If you setup takes <1.5 hours feel free to turn up saturday morning at 8am. All walkways and safe areas must be kept clear of loose packing and rubbish and your stand must be presentable at 10am each day ready for customers.

Take down – Take down will commence at 6pm sharp on Sunday and the hall must be vacated by Indie and Exhibitors by 11pm.