Medway Gaming and Creative Festival. 16th and 17th of July 2022


You can find the show time table here (subject to change)

Sign up for the Masquerade can be found here:



Cosplay Masquerade

Welcoming all ability levels of cosplay. whether you have an amazing costume you’ve poured hours into or want to bring your favorite character life on stage with a performance, signing up to the masquerade provides you with that opportunity!

Sign up now to be part of the masquerade! Last minute sign-ups may be accepted but there is no guarantee. All participants must meet us no later than 30 mins before the masquerade so we can get you ready!



Want to overlock overhead, stitch stalwartly onward or applique away? Weaving digital, costume displays and live showcases, the sewing gallery opens up the intricacies of fabric, patterns, sewing tools and as many tricks of the trade as we can fit in. This is where beauty meets practicality and we'll present, show and perform all together to arm you with the techniques for your next costume.

The armoury

The armour is polished and the weapons await; all that remains is for you to visit their resting place. If you've ever wondered where the inspiration for your favourite fandom items originate and techniques to make them yourself, then you've come to the right place. We'll be presenting curated collections of props from beginning states to finished pieces, and you could be there to see them all.

Guests and culture

Culture mashups, cosplay experts and community leaders will all be available to talk to. You'll be able to engage in a completely hands free digital cosplay card exchange before and during the show, chat to like-minded cosplayers and brainstorm your next cosplay adventure, all while connecting with the characters that make up cosplay.

Photography and Design demonstrations

Featuring a series of set pieces to spark your cosplay imagination, we will have active and static sets for you to snap that perfect keepsake of the occasion! While you're at it, why not see if we can help you discover the right stance for that signature action shot? Don't forget to look out for our digital content challenges so can join in on the action!


Cosplay Masquerade

You can find the show time table here (subject to change) (subject to change)Sign up for the Masquerade can be found here. Saturday; Sunday;

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