Be Your Hero

Cosplay Masquerade

Welcoming all ability levels of cosplay. whether you have an amazing costume you’ve poured hours into or want to bring your favorite character life on stage with a performance, signing up to the masquerade provides you with that opportunity!

Sign up now to be part of the masquerade! Last minute sign-ups may be accepted but there is no guarantee. All participants must meet us no later than 30 mins before the masquerade so we can get you ready!



Props, Armour and Weapons Zone

Weapons & Props will be on display along with professional prop makers to speak to, where you can even create your own prop or visit our workshops learn advanced techniques!

Sewing Zone

The Sewing Zone will teach you everything from fabric to various stitching! There will even be a sewing workshop so you can learn all you need to prepare your own fabricated creations.



Workshops and Demo Zone

There will be a small space allocated to those who wish to create extended or advanced projects with help and advice available throughout your project making. This area will host workshops throughout the event where you can also meet like-minded cosplayers!

Photography and Installation Zone

Want to capture that perfect cosplay moment? Now you can in our awesome prop scene! Photographers will be on hand to capture your fantastic cosplay and help teach you how to achieve picture perfection!


COSplay guests



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